Localized rendering

There are a lot of different systems to mark hiking paths around the world. While the map attempts to use the most general tags to give them a decent rendering, it is bound to fail for certain systems, especially for networks of hiking paths. To accommodate these systems, the map can be localised for regions where the standard rendering is insufficient.

Below is a list of regions that use special map symbols. In order to have your own region rendered in a special way, read the hints at the end of the page.

Czech Republic

The country uses a trail marking standard based on a set of 7 symbols in 4 different colors. For a description see the Czech tagging page (Czech only).

When a kct_* tag is available it is preferred over any osmc:symbol tag. In addition, the route is reclassified if no valid network tag can be found. Routes with kct_red=major become national routes, other kct_*=major are classified as regional.


Fränkischer Albverein

The network around Nuremberg is quite dense, therefore regional routes tagged with operator=Fränkischer Albverein will appear on zoom levels lower than usual.


Hungary also uses a system with a fixed set of symbols in different colors. These are marked with their own tag jel. The tag is preferred over any osmc:symbol tag.


Slovakia uses the same trail marking standard as the Czech Republic. However, the tagging schema is slightly different, see the Slovakian hiking page.

All routes with a tag operator=KST are tagged according to that schema. As routes in Slovakia should come with a valid network tag, there is no reclassification performed.


Switzerland has an extensive network of marked hiking paths covering the entire country. The network is a node network where named guideposts function as the nodes. All paths are marked consistently according to their difficulty. The map shows these paths in red with the line pattern marking the difficulty

  • red line hiking path, marked with diamond. Tagged with network=lwn and osmc:symbol=yellow:[...].
  • dashed line mountain path, marked with white-red-white. Tagged with network=lwn and osmc:symbol=red:[...].
  • dotted line alpine path, marked with white-blue-white. Tagged with network=lwn and osmc:symbol=blue:[...].

Note that on top of this network there are a number of national and regional routes which are shown in the normal way.

For more information about tagging hiking paths in Switzerland in OSM see: Swiss hiking network.


The Italian Alpine club (CAI) maintains the network of mountain paths that are classified by difficulty similar to what exists in Switzerland. Routes marked with network=lwn, osmc:symbol=red:.. and a cai_scale tag will be recognised as CAI-maintained paths and shown as red lines according to their difficulty.

  • red line cai_scale=T
  • dashed line cai_scale=E
  • dashed line cai_scale=EE
  • dotted line cai_scale=EEA*

United Kingdom

The classification of UK long-distance paths (those tagged with network=uk_ldp) depends on the operator tag. Relations with operator=National Trails are shown as national trails, all other relations appear as regional routes.

Relations with a network=lwn/rwn/nwn/iwn tag are handled as usual.