Rendering OSM data

Hiking routes in OSM need to be entered as relations. How this works is described in detail on the tagging page about walking routes in the OSM wiki. This map shows relations that have at least the following tags:

type = route|superroute
route = foot|walking|hiking

A route tag with multiple values is supported when they are separated by semicolon without any surrounding spaces. The classification (and therefore the colour of the route in the map) is determined from the network tag.

The label for each route is "guessed" from the tags in the following order:

  1. Check for localized rendering rules.
  2. Try to interpret the osmc:symbol tag. For details about which parts are understood, see osmc:symbol rendering rules.
  3. If a ref tag exists, make a text label with the ref tag.
  4. If a name tag exists, derive a reference from that, first by using only upper-case letters and failing that by using the first letters of the name.
  5. Give up.

The map also supports relation hierarchies.

Guideposts are recognized by the following tags:


tourism and information are mandatory. name and ele can be omitted.